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06 October 2015, 02:13

No two households are the same. Whether it is your bathroom in your first apartment or you just want to start off on the right foot, there are a certain number of items that you need in a bathroom.

The bathroom is often the area with the last minute design, yet it can also be the place that makes a huge impact on guests. Everyone deserves a perfect place to relax in while getting ready for work or soaking in a bath after a long day.

We have rounded up our version of what we think is needed in your bathroom at home and chose items that are practical and stylish. Aside from the Filipino classic "tabo and balde" (dipper and pail), your home will benefit from having these 10 essentials:



1) Lavish Lighting 

Place an ample amount of natural or artificial light where it is needed while enhancing the overall mood inside the bathroom.


2) Majestic Mirror

You do not have to stick with the mirror already laid out in your current bathroom. There is a wide range of options that help add instant customization to your private space.

Extendable wall mirror

Install a magnifying mirror in your bathroom to make getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier.

3) Going Green

Placing plants for your bathroom helps liven up the room, not to mention you will come across as a trendy nature-lover home owner.

We recommend getting tropical houseplants and ferns placed in enough light —perfect for the humidity in the bathroom and absorbing odors.

4) Durable Mat

It adds beauty to the room while withstanding the dirty and clean feet walking on it.

Non-Slip Mat

Avoid bathroom slip-ups with a shower mat equipped with super suction and air-cushioned padding. An anti-bacterial mat is resistant to mildew, making it for easy cleaning and upkeep.

5) Good Reads

Leave some newspapers, pocketbooks, or magazines in the bathroom for guests to read. This will give them something to talk about after the visit to the toilet.

Dual purpose magazine rack

Never get stranded in the bathroom without entertainment at arm's reach. Attach a magazine rack directly to the toilet tank, this way your reading materials stay neat and organized.

6) Storage Solutions

A small space may warrant some creative thinking when it comes to storage space, so incorporate neat ideas and get those creative juices working.


Keep your shower organized and shower products handy with a dispenser-organizer combo, with dispensers and water-proof labels, as well extra room for other accessories.

7) Toothbrush Holder

The sort of item you do not realize you need until your toothbrush accidentally falls into the toilet or on the floor.

Toothbrush sanitizer

Kill germs and 99.9 percent of bacteria on your toothbrush with a Violight device.

8) Trashcan

Do not just go with a mere plain and dull trash bin, choose one with fun and stylish pop of color or style.

9) Aromatic Atmosphere

Nobody wants to enter a bathroom smelling someone else's stench. Do yourself and your guests a favor and make sure you have some air freshener to help alleviate the embarrassment.

Aromatherapy Room Spray

Get airfresheners or sprays that are aromatherapeutic to help everyone get some peace, quiet and tranquility during their private moments.

10) Handy Towels

Do not just pick plain towels. Though traditional, there is something about monogrammed hand towels that is homey and classy.

Items in your bathroom say a lot about your cleanliness; what you stock them with speaks volumes regarding a person's personality.


Aside from never neglecting to clean the bathroom, make it a habit of incorporating these essential products for a relaxing visit to your bathroom.

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