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06 October 2015, 03:33

Is my home running under a fault line?”, should be your first question knowingly that a 7.2 magnitude 

can happen anytime within our lifetime as clearly stated by Dr. Renato Solidum, Jr., director of the 

Philippine Institure of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS).


How can you prepare the safety of your family and your property when the feared 7.2 magnitude 

ground shaking earthquake happens?


Here are some tips on how to prepare:

1. Identify and secure the items that could fall and cause injuries.

a. Fasten all your shelves to the walls.

b. Place heavy objects on the floor that might fall during an earthquake.

c. Remove large and heavy wall paintings, pictures, mirrors and keep them in a room.

d. Find the deep cracks in your ceilings and repair it immediately; it is a clear sign of 

structural weakness.


2. Drop, Cover and Hold On

a. Drop to the floor. Cover yourself under a sturdy table. Hold on firmly.

b. Practice with your family how to react quickly seconds after the earthquake starts.

c. Identify the place for cover in your home. If there is no safe cover in your home, lay on

the floor next to an interior wall away from large furniture, mirrors and anything heavy 

and protect your head and neck with your arms, pillow or a book.

d. Keep an emergency whistle near your safe cover because rescuers will be listening for

sounds to search for trapped people.


3. Prepare disaster supplies

a. Create a first aid kit for possible injuries or medications for family members who are 

hypertensive or diabetic.

b. Keep critical supplies like water, medication, food and important documents near your 

safe cover.


We cannot secure that our home will be up and standing after a strong earthquake that can reach up to 

intensity 8. Your house’s vulnerability can be determined depending on the type of materials used for 

the construction and the general design.  However, we can take precautions to secure the safety of our 

loved ones leading to less possibilities of seeing unimaginable levels of loss in terms of human life.


For more news on the earthquake, you can visit the site of Phivolcs at

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