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06 October 2015, 03:36

Here are some tips to secure your home from burglars based on the article from by Barrie Howell


1. Make sure side gates are locked. The front of your home should have low fencing or hedge but high fencing is best for the back to help prevent access.

Best hedge type is thorney or scrub type. 

2. Install low level “dusk ’till dawn” outside lighting. This type of lighting is now recommended as better for crime prevention than IR sensor activated spotlights.

3. The quality of garage and shed locks can be poor. Burglars often use your own garden tools & ladders to break into you house. Make sure you keep sheds and garages locked. 

4. Install a visible alarm system. Home security alarms are many and varied so get good advice when choosing the right one for your home.

5. Close & Lock all doors and windows. This seems obvious but do you lock the door and remove the key from the lock at night and put it in a safe place out of sight? (All the family should know where it is in case of fire.)

6. Close windows in accessible rooms. A burglar could enter through a window at the front of your house while you’re out the back!

7. Don’t leave keys or important ID documents like a driving licence where they can be either seen from the outside or reached through a letterbox or similar opening.

Photograph valuables and objects of sentimental value with your house number or name and postcode.

8. Invest in a safe for valuable items. Make sure the safe is securely fixed to the floor or wall.

9. Use timer switches on lights and radio etc when you are away to make it seem like someone is at home.

10. Secure alleyways with open metal gating and a good lock.

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