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06 October 2015, 01:34

Cutting-edge Carpeting
Albeit the sophisticated finish a broadloom carpet radiates inside a room, several home owners have began moving past the traditional floor covering and are now opting for the practical hardwood and tile floorings.

It has become a thing of the past, and is now replaced with a more contemporary facet of the carpet world --the carpet tile.

Whether to add a splash of color, texture, and style to a room or merely to protect those flooring in high traffic areas, the empirical funtionality of carpet tiles (along with area rugs) is the reason why it has become a popular choice for many homeowners.

For those who are not quite familiar with what they are, carpet tiles are simply a piece of square carpet that can be placed on the floor with other squares of carpet (like a tile) and comes in a variety of colours, textures, sizes, and styles.

Designer experts have increasingly suggested carpet tiles as a new design trend in home makeovers. They offer many advantages over classic broadloom floors with its versatility, design, and stability making it a perfect addition to a space that needs a little extra.


Easy Installation

Over their traditional counterparts, anybody can basically finish the job of fitting carpet tiles without the tedious kicking and stretching.

Given the intricacies involved, fitting a one-piece carpet involves the proficiency and skill of experts --no wonder carpet fitters demand high rates for their work.

Home owners can directly apply carpet tiles, which easily resemble a quality laid carpet, instead of going through the hassle and expense of hiring a professional.

Installation can also be temporarily done in small areas. Rather than clearing the whole room of furnitures, home owners can work around the furniture. Plus, it is easy to lay them on top of laminate, concrete, or vinyl with no need for underlay. 


Easy to Fit in Tricky Areas

Carpet tiles are ideal for replacing a big carpet instantly or covering those awkward shaped floorspace because of their size and versatility.

They can be conveniently laid to fit those complex room layouts that would usually require a regularly installed broadloom more of the carpet fitters time. Therefore, it involves more of the home owner's money, without the guarantee of a perfect finish.

One of the best facet to the carpet tile is that they are so versatile, they come in manageable sizes. This means that they can be easily altered to the size and shape of the tile or area it is going to be placed in.

The layout process is made much easier; it also becomes much less of a burden since they can easily be cut to fit an area and the laying process is done separately with each tile rather than one large carpet.


Design as You Like

There are great new designs available that comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. This gives home owners the freedom to choose anything that satisfy their style thus making personally designing a floor scheme easy.

Home owners can also arrange the carpet tiles according to the design or pattern that they prefer. They can mix and match tiles to make their own patterns that flatter their space with the huge selection to choose from.

 When they get tired of the existing lay-out pattern, they can just simply interchange the carpet tiles to create a fully different look.

It makes for a perfect weekend do-it-yourself project where home owners can really play around with the patterns and make new ones, create long rugs for hallways and large area rugs or just stick with the pattern the manufacturers created.


Easy to Transport

Carpet tiles can be stacked in bulk to fit in the back of a car for easy hauling or carriage when moving.

These tiles are also a perfect choice for covering up old rugs or flooring --especially for those who are renting a home.

It makes for easy decoration for a new space and can be efficiently removed when moving. All they need to do is to pull out the tiles and stash them.

At their new home, they can simply take the tiles out and rearrange them to create a new and beautiful carpet that will fit the dimension of the space.




The sturdiness of carpet tiles allow them to withstand the wear and tear that floor traffic causes. Same goes for those handed down tiles that can still be useful when applied with the same good care one takes for regular carpets.

Moreover, some brands have even gone green with carpet tiles that are made from both natural and recycled fibers.

Another wonderful feature in carpet tiles is that they are great to use in homes with children present. When a spill or stain wrecks a part of the carpet, there is no need to rearrange the furniture, just slide out the tainted tile and replace it with an extra one in the storage.


Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

As stated earlier, a stained carpet can be taken out and replaced so it can be washed and dried separately. There is no need to remove the entire carpet or even hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner just to remove the dirt and stain. Here are some tips we have gathered in the cleaning and maintenance of carpet tiles:


Cost Effective

Overall, the use of those versatile carpet tiles as a practical flooring option is very well-recommended, since it can work out far cheaper than a one-piece carpet with time and cost savings --including the ease it presents in installation, transport, cleaning, and maintenance.


Carpet tiles are developed for homes as a heavy-duty alternative to the classic broadloom carpet. Nowadays, it has been considered as the height of fashion and practicality. It provides the aesthetic pleasure of a room when placed on top of those laminate and tiled floors with the appearance of a carpet and the flexibility for do-it-yourself fitting.

Whether exploring for great flooring options or just looking for inspiration for a flooring project, carpet tiles have proven to be the practical and sought-after quick answer to floor covering with style for a number of decades.

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