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06 October 2015, 01:41

Many Condominiums and Apartments are up and rising in the Metro, with its cheaper rates and easier maintenance compared to house and lots, who will not be encouraged in buying or renting in one? Condo Units are also a good investment for someone who wants to have their own space near their workplaces, their families or even to places they feel convenient living in.


Compared to houses which usually have a size of 120 square meters up and can be constructed depending on what you want it to look like, condominiums  and apartments are expectedly smaller than built houses.  But this doesn’t mean that unit owners will need to sacrifice the comfort on their homes just because of a limited space. Here are experts’ tips and design ideas that can surely help you maximize your space and make it look bigger compared to its actual size.


Multi-functional furniture trends are in! You can now buy Sofas that can be turned into bed at night, a coffee table that has hidden storage and compartments for your personal stuffs or magazines or a chair that can also be your clothes’ storage. These kinds of equipments will be space-friendly plus it will add style and fun for your homes.


It is said that Scale or the visual size of objects in relation to one another, is the key to a successful room. So if your space is limited, you should not pick or buy furniture that will occupy big floor space and smart storage is also a key in making one’s home look better even with its small space. Remember to always take room measurements when buying stuffs.


Yes it’s your place, you want it more personal, but you must always remember that the space you’re in is limited.  Don’t buy furniture just because you find it very stylish, make sure that the furniture is very useful to allot for a space in your place. There are lots of furniture shops that offers very stylish yet still useful equipments, or you can also ask a professional to make you customized furniture for your place. With a small space, it’s best to have and buy an equipment that you will really need and functional rather than having it just because you like it.


As like what a professional interior designer once said, “Smart storage is always key with the presentation of any home, and in a smaller space it’s even that more vital.” You can use wall spaces efficiently, build custom shelves from the floor up to the ceiling it will surely create great purpose for your space, or you can also install tables or chairs in odd corners of your place. In this way, you have efficiently used your place without taking risk of your space.


A small unit permits no misused space, so make sure that you wisely use each corners of your place. Utilize each dead space you see in your place, think of how you can add function to it and what you can do to improve that space. Stack up cabinets up to your ceilings, create “under bed” storage for your clothes, and use your bed’s headboard space as a cabinet or shelves for your books.


Your space will surely look bigger when you attach mirrors on your walls or even just put one on a corner of your place. Mirrors will create an illusion of doubling the size of your room. A mirrored wall, excessively dramatic piece or a collage of small stylish mirrors assist in visually expanding any area. All you have to do is figure out where it should be properly placed.


The simpler the better they say, and as for your space, the simpler the design the bigger it will look. The concept of minimalist architecture is to strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity. Using a lot of white elements with accents of black, minimalist architecture simplifies living space to reveal the essential quality of your place and conveys simplicity in attitudes toward life.


Use your cabinets or television stands as dividers for your place. Most condo units or apartments don’t have much space to provide wall dividers, and if they have, it just limits its residents to the design their unit is set to have. Dividers can also serve as your place’s privacy protection so you better choose one that will provide the privacy protection you want and need.

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